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About Us

Jari Indai initiated back in September 2016 when the founder, Sarimah Sabudin saw a colourful and unique woven bags carried by her good friend. The geometric vibrant design catches her attention and she decided to learn more about the origin of the unique piece of arts.

Her friend, who was from Limbang bring her to Rumah Panjang Rantau Kiran, located in vicinity of Mendamit, Limbang Sarawak. Away from bustling cities, the women who live there mainly works at palm oil plantation or any other chores. Weaving, started as a hobby to pass the free times, developed to become a skill led to be another source of income for them when the eye catching products got the attention from friends and visitors.

With the help from Indai John as the spokesperson, Jari Indai’s project kicked off by ordering small quantity of bags to be sold in Kuala Lumpur. It only takes few weeks before we needed to order more bags from Limbang, and by the time the second shipment arrived, we only realised that the bags were delivered by few different bundles, each labelled with different name. Only then we realised those label; Indai John, Indai Kabak and etc is the name of the weavers themselves and their products. Hence leading us to name this project Jari Indai (from the hand of a mother)